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eFish23e.ipf - procedure file (text file) 07/19/03

eFish22b.ipf - procedure file (text file) 05/21/03
eFish21.ipf - procedure file (text file) 01/29/03

some notes (pdf file) 10/25/02

Requires Igor Pro version 4.0.6 or greater


  • rewrote Marquee stats output (eFish23e). 07/19/03

  • rewrote stats output (eFish23d). 07/14/03
  • rewrote stats procedure (eFish23b). 07/08/03
  • Fixed autocorrelation bug in eFish23a (eFish23b). 07/08/03
  • Added a few checks for reporting when FFT phase changes are ambiguous (eFish23a). 07/04/03
  • Added procedure for calculating frequency using the phase change between point shifted FFTs (eFish23). 07/04/03
  • Added function to log stats manually from a marquee selection (eFish22b). 05/21/03
  • Added "+" and "-" buttons for moving forwards and backwards between chirps (eFish22a). 04/02/03
  • Added support for Igor .ibw files (in addition to WAV files). 03/28/03
  • Threshold adjustments are now limited to 500 points in case no lower threshold can be found. 03/28/03
  • Added function for adjusting threshold when calculating chirp statistics. 01/29/03
  • Added time of chirp maximum frequency to stats output. 01/29/03
  • Fixed problem when batch processing files in Windows.
  • Added "pbr" to end of the name of the file to be saved after a playback wave is removed.