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How to install and run BSound2 procedures in Igor Pro

How to install

  • Locate the folder containing the Igor application file.

       Mac: ...Applications:Igor Pro Folder
       Windows: ...Program Files/Wavemetrics/Igor

  • Copy extensions required by BSound2 to the 'Igor Extensions' folder.

       Mac: Copy extensions named 'SndLoadWave Help.ihf' & 'SndLoadSaveWave.xop'
       from the 'More extensions' folder to the folder named 'Igor Extensions'

       Windows: Copy extensions named 'LoadWAVfile Help.ihf' 'LoadWAVfile Help.ihf.igr' & 'LoadWAVfile.xop'
       from the 'More extensions' folder to the folder named 'Igor Extensions'

  • Remove previous versions of 'BSound2 procedures' from the Igor Pro 'User Procedures' folder.

  • Place an unzipped copy of the 'BSound2 procedures' folder inside the 'User Procedures' folder.

      Mac path: ...Applications:Igor Pro Folder:User Procedures
      Windows path: ...Program Files/Wavemetrics/Igor/User Procedures

    How to use once installed

  • Open the 'Igor' application

  • Open the Procedure window (ctrl-m or Cmd-m)

  • Type #include "BSound2" under the line starting with '#pragma rtGlobals=1'

  • Close this window or click the 'compile' button

  • BSound procedures can now be accessed from the "BSound2" menu.

    How to avoid these steps

  • To automatically load these procedures when ever a new experiment is opened (without typing '#include "BSound")
    you can download and place the file 'BS2OpenFileHook.ipf' in the 'Igor Procedures' folder (see link on previous page).
    This procedure will also allow you to drag and drop supported sound files on the Igor Icon. Caution: this file contains a
    function that may conflict with other functions of the same name that you may have installed with other packages. If this
    occurs you can simply remove this file from the 'Igor Procedures' folder.