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User Procedures:

  • Make sure you have installed the required Igor Extensions in the "Igor Extensions" folder
      (these files can be downloaded or moved from the Igor Pro "More extensions" folder)

      - Mac OS path: ...Applications:Igor Pro Folder:Igor Extensions
        note: MacOS X requires carbonized Extensions.
      - Windows OS path: ...Program Files/Igor Pro Folder/Igor Extensions

  • Remove previous versions of "BSound procedures" from the Igor Pro "User Procedures" folder.
      (remove also any "BSound procedures" that you may have placed in the "Igor Procedures" folder)
  • Place a copy of the "BSound procedures" folder inside the Igor Pro "User Procedures" folder.

      -Mac OS path: ...Applications:Igor Pro Folder:User Procedures
      -Windows OS path: ...Program Files/Igor Pro Folder/User Procedures

  • Start Igor Pro
  • Open the Procedure window (ctrl-M or Command-M)

  • Type #include "BSound"

  • Close this window to compile the "BSound" procedures

  • BSound procedures can now be accessed from the "Sound" menu.