• Igor Pro from Wavemetrics, Inc. is "an interactive environment for experimentation with scientific and engineering data and for the production of publication-quality graphs and page layouts."
  • Available for Mac OS X and Windows.
  • Time-frequency spectrograms can be produced, manipulated and analyzed just as easily as any other scientific plot!


  • General procedures for viewing and analyzing sound signals.
  • Procedures require Igor Pro v6.01 (v6.02B02a for native GUI)
  • Place the unzipped folder named 'BSound2 Procedures' inside the '/User Procedures' folder.
  • Copy file 'SndLoadSaveWave.xop' from '/More Extensions/File Loaders' into '/Igor Extensions'. more.
  • Procedures require QuickTime.

  • optional: place file BS2OpenFileHook.ipf  in the 'Igor Procedures' folder to automatically load BSound2
    procedures and supported sound files. Alternatively, type #include "BSound2" in the Procedure
    window (and close the window) to access BSound2 procedures via the "BSound2" menu.

  • How to install and include BSound2 procedures in an Igor Pro experiment (old). [PDF]


  • Realtime spectrogram display.


  • Monitors 2 channels and records to disk when a sound is detected


  • Realtime spectrum display and calibrated SLM
Other Files

Igor Pro extensions

  • Copy file 'SndLoadSaveWave.xop' from '.../Igor Pro Folder/More Extensions/File Loaders' into '.../Igor Pro Folder/Igor Extensions'
  • Procedures also require QuickTime.

FIR coefficients

  • Download: FIR coefficients
  • Various high pass and low pass coefficients produced at several sample rates (40, 44.1 and 48 kHz) and some high pass and band pass coefficients for use with "Recorder" procedures (44.1 kHz)
  • "A" and "C" weighted 44.1 kHz and 22.05 kHz filter coefs:  SLM coefs.sit 20K or SLM 20K

Bird songs

See Also:

  • Realtime Sonagram included with Igor Pro and upon which RealTime Spectrogram has been based. Igor Pro Folder:Examples:Movies & Audio:Sound Input:Realtime Sonagram
  • Charlie E.M. Strauss's VoicePrint-SonogramDemo
  • Sonogram Demo include with IGOR Pro 4.0.4 Igor Pro Folder:Examples:Movies & Audio:Sonogram Demo
  • Other dedicated spectrogram generating applications: Canary, Signal, SASLab, etc...
Igor v4 Procedures

Multichannel chart

  • See Igor Chart page
  • Procedures for displaying multiple channels.
  • #include "Chart01"

Old Procedures


  • Download:  Mac OS sit Procedures 56K   or   PC zip Procedures 53K
  • updated 12/05/02
  • BSound2 is recomended over this older version!
  • General procedures
  • Procedures for generating and displaying waveforms, spectra and spectrograms.
  • How to install & include in a new Igor Pro experiment.
  • #include "BSound"
  • You can also put the BSound.ipf file in the Igor Procedures folder to avoid typing #include "BSound"

Realtime spectrogram

Sound Recorder

  • Download: Mac OS Procedure file or PC zip Procedure file
  • updated 7/08/02
  • Recorder2 is highly recomended over this older version!
  • View Screen shot
  • Triggerable sound recorder with pre-trigger and post-trigger time buffers.
  • #include "Recorder"

Spectrum analyzer