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Igor Pro

  • Igor Pro from Wavemetrics, Inc. is "an interactive environment for experimentation with scientific and engineering data and for the production of publication-quality graphs and page layouts."
  • Available for Mac OS X and Windows  demo


  • Procedures for measuring beak gapes and vocalization variables
  • Download:  BeakGape   20 KB    2/26/05

  • Cursors can be dragged or set by pressing the "r" and "b" keys (for the red and blue cursors).
  • Tab delimited data can be logged by choosing the "data log" icon or by pressing the "g" key.
  • Frequency at peak spectrum amplitude can be logged or a different peak can be selected.

  • In the Windows OS you must save a *.wav file with sound from each movie you want to analyze. Both files must have the same names (except for the extension)! Select the *.wav file and the movie file (*.mov, *.avi etc.) will open automatically as long as the names are the same. Movie file with sound can be opened directly in Mac OS X.

  • Procedures require BSound2 (latest version), Quicktime, and Igor Pro v5.02 .

  • Place the unzipped "BeakGape.ipf" file in the "User Procedures" folder.
      - Located in the "Igor Pro" folder.
      - The folder containing BSound2 procedures should also be placed here.
  • Open the Procedure window (command-M) and type #include "BeakGape".
      - Type under the line "#pragma rtGlobals=1"
  • Close the Procedure window to compile the procedures.
  • If using the Windows OS, open the 'Settings' panel and enter the extension of the movie file (e.g, .mov, .avi, etc.)
  • Open a movie for analysis using the BeakGape menu.

  • Short jay movie.
  • Short jay WAV file (for Windows).

  • Added a 'Spectrogram' window showing the time-frequency spectrogram for the entire sound. 12/15/04
  • Added estimates for 2f0 and 3f0 (kHz and dB) to the end of the data log. 12/15/04
  • Added option for jumping to the end or beginning of the movie when the beginning or end is reached. 12/14/04
  • Added a function for sharpening the displayed image. 12/14/04
  • Most buttons are now activated on a mouse down (vs. mouse up). 12/14/04